6 Reasons to Visit Bariloche in Summer

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Bariloche in Summer

Bariloche is a very popular destination on Argentinean Patagonia during winter, but it is a destination worth visiting in any period of the year.

Reasons to visit Bariloche in Summer

1. Landscape

Bariloche Travel

Visiting Bariloche during the summer is special, as the colors of the landscape get beautifully green and the colors of the lake and sky are spectacular.

2. Lower Hotel Prices

Lower Hotel Prices in Bariloche in Summer

Summer in Bariloche is less crowded than in the winter season, so expect to find good hotel prices.

3. Climate

Bariloche during summer

If you love higher temperatures then visiting Bariloche during summer is just perfect. The average temperature for summer is 25 °C.

4. Boat Trip

Boat Trip in Bariloche

During the summer with higher temperatures do not miss a boat tour to Isla Victoria or Puerto Blest.

Boats depart from Puerto Pañuelos, a port near the beautiful Llao Llao Hotel.

Expect to see and admire amazing landscapes.

5. Route of the Seven Lakes

Route of the Seven Lakes

The Route of Seven Lakes is a must-see attraction for those who visit Bariloche. Several available tours depart from Bariloche.

But you can also make this trip in a rented car if you prefer.

The Route of the Seven Lakes starts in Bariloche and to the beautiful city of San Martin de Los Andes, passing through the lakes.

The landscape is spectacular.

6. Cerro Campanario

View from Cerro Campanario

The Cerro Campanario is one of the stops of the famous “Circuito Chico”.

From the top of the mountain, you will have a 360º view of the lakes and city.

Bariloche offers lots of attractions and lots of things to do all year round.

Bariloche Things to do in Summer

  • Stroll through the Civic Center and Calle Mitre;
  • Buy delicious chocolates in one of the numerous chocolate shops and boutiques;
  • Go to one of the city’s breweries;
  • Take the classic tour of Circuito Chico and enjoy Bariloche from Cerro Campanario;
  • Visit Isla Victoria by boat;
  • Take the Route of the Seven Lakes;
  • Walk along Playa do Centro and take a picture on the sign “Bariloche“;
  • Visit the Cathedral of Bariloche.

Bariloche Summer Months

  • December
  • January
  • February

Bariloche Summer Weather

Bariloche in January and February

January and February are the hottest months in Bariloche and you can even get bronze on the beaches of the lakes.

Average temperatures can be close to 25Cº during the day. Minimal temperatures of 10Cº to a maximum of 30Cº or more may occur on the same day.

Bariloche in December

Days are warmer and sunny in December, maximum temperatures can exceed 20Cº, and minimum can reach less than 10Cº.

It is a month with a long time of sunlight.

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