10 Best Foods to Try in Argentina

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Best Food to Try in Argentina

Argentine cuisine is delicious, and Buenos Aires has excellent options for restaurants and cafes. On a visit to the city, you cannot miss some of the culinary delights.

Top 10 Foods to Try in Argentina

1. Chorizo Steak

Chorizo steak is a slice of tender and striking meat that has enshrined in Argentina. Those who visit the country cannot fail to experience it.

Where to eat: Cabaña Las Lilas, El Mirasol, Asia de Cuba

2. Medallones de Lomo

Another type of meat that you can not miss is the delicious Medallón de Lomo.

Where to eat: Cabaña Las Lilas, El Mirasol, Asia de Cuba

3. Empanadas

The empanada is another Argentine classic that you should try. There are several flavor options such as the famous salteñas empanadas and options of cheese, meat, onion, queso brie, and others.

4. Sorrentinos

For pasta lovers, it is worth trying the famous Sorrentinos, which are a type of stuffed pasta similar to ravioli but in a larger, circular shape.

The filling of Sorrentinos can be of various types, such as ham, cheese, vegetables, and seafood.

5. Alfajores

Argentina is famous for its alfajores. There are several brands available, from gourmet alfajores options to those found in supermarkets and kiosks around the city.

6. Desserts with Dulce de Leche

The dulce de leche is another delight that you must try in the country. The dulce de leche can be consumed in various desserts such as petit gateau, ice cream, or pure.

7. Medialunas

The medialunas are a classic of the Argentine table during breakfast and afternoon snacks.

Where to eat: Pani, Croque Madame, Café Martínez

8. Papas

Potatoes are an excellent accompaniment, and can be served in different ways, be sure to try the “rustic papas”, “papas noisette con crema”, and “papas soufflée”.

9. Pizza

Pizza was introduced in the late 19th century by Italian immigrants, and the city of Buenos Aires has several pizzerias.

Just like in Brazil, pizza is loved by Argentineans, and you can’t help but taste it.

Where to eat: Romario Buenos Aires

10. Milanesa

Another dish dear to the Argentines is the famous Milanese, a slice of breaded and fried meat. The Milanese is usually accompanied by potatoes, mashed potatoes, or salad.

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