Top Destinations & Hotels in Bahia State (Brazil)

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Top Destinations & Hotels in Bahia State (Brazil)

Bahia is the 4th most populous state in Brazil, with an estimated population of 14.93 million.

The state is home to beautiful beaches known for warm sea waters, resorts all-inclusive, and offers delicious food.

Top Destinations & Hotels in Bahia State

1. Salvador

Top Destinations & Hotels in Bahia StatePhoto Credit: Marcus Alves

Salvador is the largest city and capital of Bahia State. It is a coastal city, known for its charming historic center, Pelourinho.

The city is home to central beaches such as Porto da Barra Beach, Farol da Barra Beach, Praia do Buracão, and beaches to the north such as Stella Maris Beach and Flamengo Beach.

In addition to the beaches and the historic center, the Elevador Lacerda and the Church of the Basilica of Senhor do Bonfim are also popular sights.

The city offers luxury hotel options such as the spectacular Hotel Fasano Salvador and the Fera Palace Hotel and excellent options for mid-range and budget hotels such as Vila Galé Salvador and the Mercure Salvador Rio Vermelho.

2. Trancoso

Top Destinations & Hotels in Bahia StateTop Destinations & Hotels in Bahia State – Photo Credit: Caico Gontijo

Trancoso is one of the trendiest destinations in Bahia, much visited to spend the New Year’s festivities.

The “Quadrado” is the heart of Trancoso known for housing exclusive restaurants and boutiques.

Trancoso has beautiful beaches, beach clubs, and offers excellent hotel options.

Pousada Tutabel Trancoso and UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa are two luxury accommodation options, while Trancoso House – Boutique Hotel and Soleluna Casa Pousada offer excellent value for money.

3. Arraial d’Ajuda

Top Destinations & Hotels in Bahia StateTop Destinations & Hotels in Bahia State – Photo Credit: Juliana Castro

Arraial d’Ajuda is a district of Porto Seguro that has beautiful beaches such as Praia do Mucugê, Praia dos Pescadores, Praia do Apaga Fogo on the north coast and Praia do Parracho, Praia da Pitinga and Praia da Lagoa Azul and Taipe on the south coast.

The Arraial Eco Parque water park and the Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora D’Ajuda church are also popular tourist spots in Arraial d’Ajuda.

It can be combined on an itinerary with Porto Seguro and Trancoso. Arraial d’Ajuda offers cheaper accommodation than Trancoso.

4. Chapada Diamantina

Chapada DiamantinaPhoto Credit: Felipe Dias

Chapada Diamantina is a central region in the state of Bahia, full of well-preserved vegetation, waterfalls, trails, and caves.

The Chapada Diamantina National Park is considered one of the best destinations in Brazil for those seeking adventure and ecotourism.

The city of Lençóis is normally the gateway for those who want to explore the park, as it houses the only airport in the region, the Lençóis Airport (LEC).

Pousada Vila Serrano, Hotel de Lençois and Hotel Canto das Águas are excellent accommodation options in Lençóis.

5. Itacaré

Itacaré BrazilPhoto Credit: Milo Miloezger

Located on the south coast of Bahia, Itacaré is a destination with beautiful beaches.

The beaches are divided between urban beaches and rural beaches. Rural beaches have a preserved environment surrounded by natural beauty, and many of them are accessed by walking trails through the Atlantic Forest.

The city offers excellent hotel options such as the luxurious Txai Resort and Barracuda Beach Hotel, and charming and cheaper hotels such as the Terra Boa Hotel Boutique and the Pousada Portal da Concha.

6. Ilhéus

Ilhéus is a destination located in southern BahiaPhoto Credit: Jonathan Borba

Ilhéus is a destination located in southern Bahia, known for its historic center, calm beach options such as Praia Dos Milionários, Praia do Sul, Praia de São Miguel, and also options for surfing beaches.

The city offers good hotel options such as Pousada dos Hibiscus and Hotel Aldeia da Praia. And located just 79.6 km (49.5 miles) from the city center is the spectacular resort Transamerica Comandatuba.

7. Morro de São Paulo

Morro de São Paulo Bahia BrazilPhoto Credit: Omer Dvori

Located 60 km (37.28 miles) from Salvador in the Tinharé archipelago, Morro de São Paulo is a destination that enchants for its beautiful beaches and natural beauty.

In addition to the beaches, the island offers history with several historical monuments from the colonial Brazil era, and neighboring Boipeba is an excellent option for a day trip.

Morro de São Paulo offers many affordable hotel options.

8. Caraíva

Caraíva is a seaside village located in the south of Bahia, 36.2 km (22.5 km) from Trancoso.

It is an excellent destination for rest, relaxation, and contact with nature.

The village has small and charming accommodation options such as Pousada Luzes de Caraíva, Pousada Lagoa and Villa Fulô.

Bahia State Map

Largest Cities in Bahia State

Largest Cities in Bahia StateBahia State – Largest Cities – Photo Credit: Marcus Alves

  1. Salvador – 2.886.698
  2. Feira de Santana – 619.609
  3. Vitória da Conquista – 341.128
  4. Camaçari – 304.302
  5. Juazeiro – 218.162
  6. Itabuna – 213.685
  7. Lauro de Freitas – 201.635
  8. Teixeira de Freitas – 162.438
  9. Ilhéus – 159.923
  10. Barreiras – 156.975
  11. Jequié -156.126
  12. Alagoinhas – 152.327
  13. Porto Seguro – 150.658
  14. Simões Filho – 135.783
  15. Paulo Afonso – 118.516
  16. Eunápolis – 114.396
  17. Santo Antônio de Jesus – 102.380
  18. Valença – 97.233
  19. Luís Eduardo Magalhães – 90.162
  20. Candeias – 87.458
  21. Guanambi – 84.928
  22. Dias d´Ávila – 82.432
  23. Serrinha – 81.286
  24. Jacobina – 80.635
  25. Senhor do Bonfim – 79.424
  26. Itapetinga – 76.795
  27. Irecê – 73.524
  28. Casa Nova – 72.545
  29. Campo Formoso – 71.487
  30. Bom Jesus da Lapa – 69.662
  31. Brumado – 67.335
  32. Conceição do Coité – 67.013
  33. Itaberaba – 64.646
  34. Itamaraju – 64.455
  35. Cruz das Almas – 63.591
  36. Euclides da Cunha – 60.858
  37. Santo Amaro – 60.131
  38. Ipirá – 59.435
  39. Catu – 54.970
  40. Jaguaquara – 54.673
  41. Araci – 54.648
  42. Ribeira do Pombal – 53.956
  43. Barra – 53.910
  44. Santo Estêvão – 53.269
  45. Caetité – 51.081

Source: Wikipedia – Largest Cities in Bahia

Featured Photo Credit: Milo Miloezger

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