Top Destinations & Hotels in Pernambuco State (Brazil)

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Top Destinations & Hotels in Pernambuco State (Brazil)

Pernambuco is the 7th most populous state in Brazil, with an estimated population of 9.6 million.

The state is home to beautiful beaches and has a rich culture and historical heritage. It was disputed by the Portuguese and the Dutch, who left traces of colonization that can be seen in the various mansions and historical monuments.

Top Destinations & Hotels in Pernambuco State

1. Fernando de Noronha

Top Destinations & Hotels in Pernambuco StatePhoto Credit: Ze Paulo Gasparotto

Fernando de Noronha is one of the top destinations in Brazil, located in an archipelago 540 km (335.54 miles) from the Pernambuco state capital.

The island has an exuberant beauty with native vegetation, and is a natural habitat for dolphins and turtles, and the Baía dos Porcos is constantly listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Diving, hiking, and boating are some of the activities to practice on the island.

The island offers luxury hotel and accommodation options such as Pousada Zé Maria and Pousada Triboju, while Tesouro de Noronha and Pousada Corveta are cheaper options.

2. Recife

Top Destinations & Hotels in Pernambuco StateTop Destinations & Hotels in Pernambuco State – Photo Credit: thiago japyassu

Recife is the capital and largest city of Pernambuco, known for housing a charming historic center dating back to the 16th century.

The city’s highlights include Boa Viagem and Pina beaches, the Church of the Mother of God, the famous Embassy of Pernambuco – Olinda Dolls Giants Museum, Paço do Frevo, dedicated to telling the story of this musical rhythm and dancing.

Although beautiful, the beaches of Boa Viagem and Pina, which are the most central in Recife, are surrounded by warnings about possible shark attacks. From Recife, it is possible to visit beautiful beaches in the surrounding destinations such as Praia dos Carneiros, Cabo de Santo Agostinho, and Porto de Galinhas.

The city offers good hotel options with great value for money, such as the Grand Mercure Recife Boa Viagem and the Atlante Plaza Hotel.

3. Olinda

Top Destinations & Hotels in Pernambuco StateTop Destinations & Hotels in Pernambuco State – Photo Credit: José Ribamar

Olinda is a popular destination for a day trip from Recife.

The city has narrow streets, slopes, and architectural treasures, and as it is small, it is possible to visit practically all the main attractions on foot.

The Igreja do Carmo, the Monastery of St. Benedict, the Pernambuco Contemporary Art Museum, and the Olinda Dolls Giants Museum – Casa dos Bonecos Gigantes do Alto da Sé, are its main attractions.

4. Cabo de Santo Agostinho

Cabo de Santo AgostinhoTop Destinations & Hotels in Pernambuco State – Photo Credit: Gabriel Bezerra

Cabo de Santo Agostinho is located just 36.8 km (22.9 miles) from Recife.

The city is home to beautiful beaches such as Paiva Beach, Calhetas Beach, Gaibu Beach, Paraiso Beach, Suape Beach, and also has historic buildings such as the ruins of Forte Castelo do Mar and the Igreja de Nazaré church.

Vila Galé Eco Resort do Cabo – All Inclusive is an excellent accommodation option in the city with great value for money.

5. Porto de Galinhas

Porto de Galinhas is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Brazil with beautiful beaches, natural pools and offers many activities including a buggy tour.

The main beaches in Porto de Galinhas are Praia de Porto de Galinhas, Praia de Muro Alto, Praia do Cupe and Praia de Maracaipe.

It is an excellent destination for those who like to take advantage of the hotel structure, as it offers excellent options for resorts such as Nannai Resort & Spa, Summerville Resort – All-Inclusive, and Enotel Porto de Galinhas.

6. Praia dos Carneiros

Praia dos CarneirosTop Destinations & Hotels in Pernambuco State – Photo Credit: David Emrich

Praia dos Carneiros offers an idyllic setting, surrounded by a beautiful sea and full of natural pools. The beach is located in Tamandaré and is a popular destination to visit from Porto de Galinhas.

For travelers who want to enjoy this beautiful beach, Pousada Praia dos Carneiros is an excellent accommodation option.

Pernambuco State Map

Largest Cities in Pernambuco State

Largest Cities in Pernambuco StateRecife, Pernambuco State, Brazil – Photo Credit: thiago japyassu

  1. Recife – 1.645.727
  2. Jaboatão dos Guararapes – 702.298
  3. Olinda – 392.482
  4. Caruaru – 361.118
  5. Petrolina – 349.145
  6. Paulista – 331.774
  7. Cabo de Santo Agostinho – 207.048
  8. Camaragibe – 157.828
  9. Garanhuns – 139.788
  10. Vitória de Santo Antão – 138.757
  11. Igarassu – 117.019
  12. São Lourenço da Mata – 113.230
  13. Santa Cruz do Capibaribe – 107.937
  14. Abreu e Lima – 99.990
  15. Ipojuca – 96 204
  16. Serra Talhada – 86.350
  17. Araripina – 84.418
  18. Gravatá – 84.074
  19. Carpina – 83.641
  20. Goiana – 79.758
  21. Belo Jardim – 76.439
  22. Arcoverde – 74.338
  23. Ouricuri – 69.459
  24. Escada – 68.875
  25. Pesqueira – 67.395
  26. Surubim – 65.089
  27. Palmares – 63.250
  28. Moreno – 62.784
  29. Salgueiro – 60.930
  30. Bezerros – 60.798
  31. São Bento do Una – 59.504
  32. Buíque – 58.378
  33. Paudalho – 56.506
  34. Limoeiro – 56.250
  35. Timbaúba – 53.022
  36. Brejo da Madre de Deus – 50.752
  37. Bom Conselho – 48.554
  38. Ribeirão – 47.415
  39. Sirinhaém – 45.865
  40. Toritama – 45.214
  41. Águas Belas – 43.443
  42. Catende – 42.892
  43. Barreiros – 42.659
  44. Santa Maria da Boa Vista – 41.931
  45. Lajedo – 40.288
  46. Bom Jardim – 39.184
  47. Aliança – 38.386
  48. Bodocó – 38.146
  49. Bonito – 38.134
  50. Afogados da Ingazeira – 37.259
  51. São Caetano – 37.245
  52. Custódia – 37.111
  53. Água Preta – 36.771
  54. Itambé – 36.447
  55. Petrolândia – 36.548
  56. Sertânia – 35.907
  57. Cabrobó – 34.221
  58. São José do Belmonte – 33.959
  59. São José do Egito – 33.951
  60. João Alfredo – 33.822

Source: Wikipedia – Largest Cities in Pernambuco

Featured Photo Credit: Ze Paulo Gasparotto

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