São Paulo State: Top Destinations, Best Hotels & Map

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Sao Paulo State: Top Destinations, Best Hotels & Map

The state of São Paulo is the most populous in Brazil, with an estimated population of 44 million.

The state is home to major cities, beautiful beaches especially on its northern coast, charming country towns, wineries, and spectacular hotels.

Top Destinations & Hotels in São Paulo State

1. São Paulo City

Top Destinations & Hotels in Sao Paulo StateSao Paulo City – Photo Credit: Joao Tzanno

The city of São Paulo is the capital of São Paulo State and the largest city in Brazil.

Sao Paulo City is known for its numerous skyscrapers, as the financial center of Brazil, for hosting excellent options for museums, restaurants, cafes, and malls, and for offering lively nightlife.

Check out the Top Things to do in São Paulo & the 20 Best Neighborhoods in São Paulo.

2. São Sebastiao

São Sebastiao is a beach destination located approximately 187 km (116 miles) from the city of São Paulo.

The city is home to some beautiful beaches such as Camburizinho Beach, Toque Toque Beach, the famous Maresias Beach, and many others.

São Sebastiao can be easily accessed by car or by bus from Tiete Terminal in São Paulo. The bus ride from the city of Sao Paulo to Sao Sebastiao lasts approximately 4h40m and costs from 72.55 reais (USD 13.35 – April 2021 quote).

The region has hotel options for all budgets. The Nau Royal Hotel Spa is the most elegant hotel in São Sebastiao. And the Hotel Maui Maresias is another luxury option.

The Ilha de Toque Toque Boutique Hotel & Spa and Villa Bebek Hotel offer excellent value for money.

And for cheaper options, Pousada Canto do Camburi and Abricó Beach Hotel are good options.

3. Ilhabela

Ilhabela is an island located on the north coast of the state of São Paulo and is one of the must-see beach destinations in Brazil.

Access can be easily done by car and ferry or bus and ferry, with buses departing from Tiete Terminal.

The island has excellent infrastructure and also offers hotel options for all types of budgets.

Wyndham Ilhabela Casa Di Sirena and DPNY Beach Hotel & SPA are two luxury options with great value for money.

Kalango Hotel Boutique, Porto Pacuíba Hotel, and Pousada Ecoilha are more economical options that also offer comfort and modern facilities.

4. Ubatuba

UbatubaUbatuba – Photo Credit: Agnaldo Andrella

Ubatuba is a coastal city in the state of São Paulo surrounded by the Serra do Mar National Park.

The city has beautiful beaches and great infrastructure.

Ubatuba Palace Hotel, Pousada Todas as Luas, and Pousada Maranduba offer comfortable and cozy accommodations.

5. Campos do Jordão

Campos do JordaoCampos do Jordao – Photo Credit: Carol Petri

Campos do Jordao is a city with European-style architecture located in the Serra da Mantiqueira, 181 km (113 miles) from the city of São Paulo.

The city has excellent breweries, restaurants, and cafes. The region is home to beautiful parks, waterfalls, and beautiful scenic spots.

In the Serra da Mantiqueira, close to the border with the state of Minas Gerais, there are two must-see attractions: OLIQ – the extra virgin olive oil from Mantiqueira, and the Villa Santa Maria winery.

Hotel Boutique QUEBRA-NOZ and Hotel Toriba are two spectacular luxury accommodation options in Campos do Jordão. And the beautiful hotels Castelo Nacional Inn Campos do Jordão and the Chris Park Hotel offer great value for money.

6. Santo Antonio do Pinhal

Santo Antonio do Pinhal is a city located a short distance from Campos do Jordão.

The city houses themed gardens, waterfalls, and viewpoints.

Quinta dos Pinhais Pouso e Charme and Pousada Villa Campestre are two great hotel options in Santo Antonio do Pinhal.

7. Porto Feliz

Porto Feliz is a city in the interior of the state of São Paulo, which has become a haven for the Brazilian upper class, who often enjoy the weekend and holidays in the elegant condominium complex, Fazenda Boa Vista.

The complex also houses a luxury hotel, the Hotel Fasano Boa Vista, which offers comfort and elegance.

Porto Feliz has urban architecture from the early 19th century, which can be seen in attractions such as the Casa da CulturaDona Narcisa S. Pires” and the Museu das Monções.

The city also has a beautiful park, the Parque das Monções on the left bank of the Tiete River, and a beautiful church, the Parish of Nossa Senhora Mãe dos Homens.

8. Amparo

Amparo is a city in the countryside of São Paulo located in a region known for its old coffee farms transformed into tourist destinations.

On the farms, it is possible to get to know a little more about rural life and eat typical delicacies from the countryside. The region is also home to a charming winery, the Terrassos Winery.

The Lake Vilas Charm Hotel is a spectacular accommodation option in Amparo.

9. Itatiba

Itatiba is a city in the São Paulo State that houses beautiful churches, squares, and parks.

In the 19th century, Itatiba was part of the coffee cycle, which brought many immigrants to the city, mainly Italians, who helped to compose the city’s traditions and cultures.

Itatiba is also known for the Festa do Caqui de Itatiba (Persimmon Festival) which takes place every year in the city.

Hotel Fazenda Dona Carolina is an excellent accommodation option in the region.

10. Holambra

Holambra is the largest flower-producing city in Brazil and hosts the largest flower exhibition in Latin America, its name is a combination of the names Holland, America (due to the South American continent), and Brazil.

The city has colorful houses with the architectural style of buildings in the Netherlands and has a monument in honor of the Dutch who founded the city. And the mill “Moinho Peoples United” is another very popular attraction in Holambra.

Hotel 1948 and Villa de Holanda Parque Hotel are two excellent hotel options in the city.

+ Destinations in São Paulo State

Other interesting destinations to visit in the state of São Paulo include Ribeirão Preto, known in the past as the capital of coffee, and today as the capital of draft beer, not far from the city of São Paulo, is the city of Campinas (the third-largest city in the state), Jundiai and São Roque are famous for its wineries, also popular are Indaiatuba and Itu.

According to a recent study, the state of Sao Paulo has some of the best cities to live in Brazil.

The state of São Paulo ranks first as the wealthiest state in Brazil, with a large part of the important industries and multinationals. The industry is very strong in the state, along with trade and services. São Paulo State is the country’s largest gateway for exports and imports.

São Paulo State Map

Largest Cities in São Paulo State

  1. São Paulo City – 12.325.232
  2. Guarulhos – 1.392.121
  3. Campinas – 1.213.792
  4. São Bernardo do Campo – 844.483
  5. São Jose dos Campos – 729.737
  6. Santo Andre – 721.368
  7. Ribeirão Prato – 711.825
  8. Osasco – 699.944
  9. Sorocaba – 687.357
  10. Maua – 477.552
  11. São Jose do Rio Preto – 464.983
  12. Mogi das Cruzes – 450.785
  13. Santos – 433.656
  14. Diadema – 426.757
  15. Jundiai – 423.006
  16. Piracicaba – 407.252
  17. Carapicuiba – 403.183
  18. Bauru – 379.297
  19. Itaquaquecetuba – 375.011
  20. São Vicente – 368.355
  21. Franca – 355.901
  22. Praia Grande – 330.845
  23. Guaruja – 322.750
  24. Taubate – 317.915
  25. Limeira – 308.482

Source: Wikipedia – Largest Cities in São Paulo

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Featured Photo Credit: Renan

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