20 Best Wineries to Visit in Brazil

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20 Best Wineries to Visit in Brazil

Brazil’s main wine region is located in the south of the country, with Vineyards ValleyVale dos Vinhedos” housing numerous wineries and wine boutiques. But grape cultivation has expanded across the country and has wineries close to São Paulo and even in northeastern Brazil.

Check out our list of the 20 best wineries to visit in Brazil in the Rio Grande do Sul State, Santa Catarina State, and São Paulo State.

20 Wineries to Visit in Brazil

Best Wineries in the Rio Grande do Sul State to Visit

1. Miolo

Miolo Group produces its labels in four Brazilian wine regions: Miolo Winery (Vale dos Vinhedos, RS), Seival Estate (Campanha, RS), Almaden Winery (Campanha, RS), RAR (Campos de Cima da Serra, RS), and Ouro Verde Winery (Sao Francisco Valley, BA).

The Miolo Winery is the most popular to visit, offering beautiful panoramic views and guided tours with wine tasting.

Miolo Wine Group is the leading wine exporter in Brazil.

RS-444, 21, Bento Gonçalves – RS, 95711-000

Site: www.miolo.com.br

2. Casa Valduga

With over 140 years of tradition, Casa Valduga is one of the largest wineries in the Vineyards Valley and is present in more than 20 countries on five continents.

The winery pays special attention to the production of sparkling wines, and today has the largest sparkling wine cellar in Latin America.

The winery offers different types of visits and experiences. For visiting options in English, it is necessary to book online (subject to availability).

It is worth visiting its restaurant and the winery also has a cozy hotel with vineyard views.

Via Trento, 2355, Bento Gonçalves – RS, 95700-000

Site: www.casavalduga.com.br

3. Dom Candido Winery

Located in the heart of the Vineyards Valley, Dom Candido Winery is a real invitation to live unique experiences, bringing together exuberant natural beauty, wines, and sparkling wines of excellent quality.

The winery offers guided tours, and wine tasting and has a restaurant.

Via Trento, 2169, Bento Gonçalves – RS, 95711-970

Site: www.domcandido.com.br

4. Familia Geisse

The Familia Geisse Winery was founded in 1979 by the Chilean agronomist and winemaker Mario Geisse.

The winery offers different experiences, including a 4×4 tour to know its vineyards and trekking with wine tasting.

Linha Jansen, s/n – Zona Rural, Pinto Bandeira – RS, 95717-000

Site: www.familiageisse.com.br

5. Armando Peterlongo Winery

Armando Peterlongo Winery has over 100 years of history and is a reference in the national wine scene.

The winery maintains in its facilities the tradition of the French region of Champagne, featuring an underground cellar and a castle-shaped residence.

The winery is open every day for visitation and tasting. Its store offers several products and accessories for wines, sparkling wines, and a wide range of cosmetics.

Manoel Peterlongo Filho, 216 – Champanhe, Garibaldi – RS, 95720-000

Site: www.peterlongo.com.br

6. Cainelli Winery

Cainelli Winery is a family winery that offers a variety of experiences like picnics with wine tasting, and lunch with wine pairing, among others.

The winery also has a museum where it is possible to know the life of the first immigrants.

202,6 BR-470, s/n, Bento Gonçalves – RS, 95700-000

Site: www.vinicolacainelli.com

7. Casa Postal Winery & Bistro

Casa Postal Winery is a family winery that has a charming bistro that offers lunch with wine pairing.

Estr. Buarque de Macedo, 2625 – São Valentim, Bento Gonçalves – RS, 95710-971

Site: www.casapostal.com.br

8. Lidio Carraro Boutique Winery

Lidio Carraro is a boutique winery family-owned by Italian descendants.

The winery offers two types of wine tasting: “Premium” and “Top Premium”.

RS-444, KM 21, Bento Gonçalves – RS, 95700-000

Site: www.lidiocarraro.com

9. Salton Winery

Salton Winery has over 100 years of history offering wines, sparkling wines, semi-sparkling wines, and grape juices.

The winery offers tours with wine tasting.

Mario Salton, 300 – Distrito de Tuiuty, Bento Gonçalves – RS, 95710-000

Site: www.salton.com.br

10. PIZZATO Winery

PIZZATO Winery is a family winery dedicated to the production of grapes and fine wines.

The winery offers visitation and special tourism with the pairing of 6 regional kinds of cheese and 6 house wines or pairing with cold cuts board accompanied by a basket of bread and olive oil.

Via dos Parreirais, S/N – Santa Lucia, Vale dos Vinhedos, RS, 95711-000

Site: pizzato.net

11. Dal Pizzol Vinhos Finos

Dal Pizzol Vinhos Finos is a traditional and authentic winery that produces wines with limited production.

The winery offers different types of tours and experiences.

RS-431, KM 5 Distrito de, Bento Gonçalves – RS, 95700-000

Site: www.dalpizzol.com.br

12. Luiz Argenta Vinhos Finos

Luiz Argenta Vinhos Finos is a winery that has the most modern winemaking systems and specializes in producing wines of excellence in quality, sophistication, and design.

The winery offers visiting options with harmonized wine tasting, a cave experience, and a restaurant.

Av. 25 de Julho, 700 – Centro, Flores da Cunha – RS, 95270-000

Site: www.luizargenta.com.br

13. Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni is a winery with a history of winemaking for over 40 years, located 13 km (8 miles) from Bento Gonçalves.

The winery offers accommodation options in a 1930s mansion and a restaurant.

Linha Amadeu, KM 12 – Interior, Pinto Bandeira – RS, 95717-000

Site: www.dongiovanni.com.br

Best Wineries in Santa Catarina State to Visit

14. Thera Winery

Thera Winery is located in the state of Santa Catarina, 152 km (94.4 miles) from Florianopolis.

The winery has a charming inn and offers options for vineyard tours with wine tasting.

SC-110, Km 355 Cx postal, 71 – Caneleira, Bom Retiro – SC, 88680-000

Site: vinicolathera.com.br

15. Abreu Garcia Winery

Abreu Garcia Vinhos de Altitude is a charming winery located in Campo Belo do Sul, 296 km (184 miles) from Florianopolis.

In the middle of nature, surrounded by vineyards, the winery offers picnic options with selected products.

Unnamed Rd 88580-000, Campo Belo do Sul – SC

Site: www.abreugarcia.com.br

16. Vinhedos do Monte Agudo

Vinhedos do Monte Agudo is a boutique winery, which produces wines in limited quantity and of the highest quality. It is located 241 km (150 miles) from Florianopolis.

The winery offers several types of wine tastings.

Rodovia Sc-438, km 68, São Joaquim – SC, 88600-000

Site: www.monteagudo.com.br

Best Wineries in São Paulo State to Visit

17. Terrassos

Terrassos Winery is located in Amparo, 138 km (85.6 miles) from São Paulo city.

The winery offers a tour with a tasting of 7 wines, and there are also picnic options.

Rod. Amparo Itapira SP 352 – km 137, s/n Alferes Rodrigues, Amparo – SP, 13900-970

Site: www.terrassos.com.br

18. Guaspari Winery

Located 196 km (122 miles) from São Paulo city near the Minas Gerais State border, Guaspari Winery translates the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of a family that has dedicated itself to transforming an old coffee farm into a beautiful winery.

The winery offers different types of tours with wine tastings.

Pedro Ferrari, 300 – Parque dos Lagos, Espírito Santo do Pinhal – SP, 13990-000

Site: www.vinicolaguaspari.com.br

19. Goes Winery

Located just 65.4 km (50.9 miles) from the city of São Paulo, Goes Winery is a prominent development on the São Roque Wine Route.

The winery has spaces for the visitor to have closer contact with the curiosities of the world of wine and get to know in detail the productive areas and offers different types of tours.

Estrada do Vinho, 9111 Canguera, SP, 18145-002

Site: www.vinicolagoes.com.br

20. Villa Santa Maria Winery

Villa Santa Maria Brandina Wines is a winery located 14 km (8.7 miles) from the charming city of Campos do Jordão and 183 km (114 miles) from São Paulo.

The winery offers an exclusive experience and has a cozy restaurant with privileged views.

Estrada Municipal Jose Theotonio da Silva , S/N Bairro do Baú, São Bento do Sapucaí – SP, 12490-000

Site: villasantamaria.com.br

Map with the Best Wineries in Brazil

The Best Wineries in Brazil mentioned in the text are marked in different colors on the map below. The wineries in São Paulo State are in orange, the wineries in Santa Catarina State in red, and the wineries in the Rio Grande do Sul State in blue.

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