14 Best Brazilian Chocolate Brands

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Best Brazilian Chocolate Brands

Brazil has chocolate brands that offer the most varied types and flavors of chocolates.

Check out our list of some of the best Brazilian chocolate brands that you should try in Brazil.

Brazilian Chocolate Brands

1. Cacau Show

Cacau Show is a Brazilian chocolate company founded in 1988 and today has several stores and kiosks throughout Brazil, including stores in major malls such as Shopping Patio Paulista, near Paulista Avenue.

It is considered the largest chain of Fine Chocolates in Brazil.

The brand offers chocolates for all tastes with many options of types and flavors.

Site: www.cacaushow.com.br

2. Lacta

Founded in 1912, Lacta is a famous Brazilian chocolate company that was acquired by Kraft Foods in 2012. Today, the brand is part of the confectionery division of Mondelēz International.

The most famous chocolates of the brand and beloved by Brazilians are Bis, Sonho de Valsa, and also Amandita, a small wafer ball filled with chocolate.

Lacta’s chocolates can be easily found at several supermarkets in Brazil, and some are also available on Amazon.

Site:  www.lacta.com.br

3. Garoto

Garoto is another famous Brazilian chocolate manufacturer founded in 1929 in the state of Espirito Santo.

Some of the brand’s classic chocolates include Talento with different types of flavors including passion fruit and Brazilian nut, Baton being the most popular milk chocolate, and the assorted chocolate box.

Garoto’s chocolates can be easily found at several supermarkets in Brazil.

Site:  www.garoto.com.br

4. Kopenhagen

Kopenhagen is a reference when it comes to fine chocolates in Brazil.

The company was founded in 1928 in Brazil by a couple of immigrants Anna and David Kopenhagen, newcomers from Latvia.

Today the brand has stores all over Brazil, including a beautiful store on the elegant Oscar Freire street in Sao Paulo.

Site: www.kopenhagen.com.br

5. Linea Alimentos

Linea Alimentos is a Brazilian health food company with no added sugar that also offers chocolate options.

The brand’s chocolates can be found in supermarkets and pharmacies in Brazil.

Site: www.lineaalimentos.com.br

6. Dengo Chocolates

Dengo is a Brazilian company that offers chocolates made with the best Brazilian cocoa, in recipes that take more cocoa and less sugar.

The brand has stores in the most elegant shopping malls in the country such as JK Iguatemi, Shopping Villa Lobos and Shopping Higienopolis in Sao Paulo, and Village Mall in Rio de Janeiro.

Site: dengo.com

7. Cau Chocolates

Cau Chocolates is a chocolate brand founded in 2007 that has two stores in Sao Paulo, one at Shopping Iguatemi and the other at Peixoto Gomide Street.

The brand offers delicious chocolate options.

Site: cauchocolates.com.br

8. Ofner

Ofner is a chain of confectioneries that offers delicious options of Brazilian snacks such as Coxinha, Pão de Queijo, and sweets like Brigadeiro, but it also has options of chocolates in bars and truffles.

The chain has several stores in Sao Paulo.

Site: www.ofner.com.br

9. Amor aos Pedaços

Amor aos Pedaços is a confectionery recognized for its artisanal touch in the manufacture of sweets and snacks. Today it has more than 60 stores throughout Brazil.

The brand is specialized in cakes with the most diverse flavors but also offers delicious chocolate options.

Site: www.amoraospedacos.com.br

10. Brigaderia

Brigaderia is a chain of stores specializing in the most beloved Brazilian sweet, Brigadeiro.

The Brigadeiro is basically made with butter, condensed milk, and powdered chocolate, and this store offers other gourmet options besides the classic flavor.

The brand has several stores in Sao Paulo, including stores at Shopping Iguatemi, Shopping Higienopolis, and Shopping Patio Paulista.

Site: www.brigaderia.com.br

11. Chocolate Lugano

Lugano is a Brazilian chocolate brand founded in Gramado, in the south region of Brazil.

The brand has several stores throughout Brazil (especially in the south).

Lugano Chocolate is also responsible for opening “Mundo do Chocolate” in Gramado, the first and only chocolate park in South America.

Site: www.chocolatelugano.com.br

12. Florybal Chocolates

Florybal Chocolates is another reference brand when it comes to homemade chocolates from Gramado.

The brand has 15 stores (in Gramado and Canela) designed to provide a unique experience, with a creative design and spaces created especially to allow experimentation and interaction with the products.

Site: hwww.florybal.com.br

13. Prawer Chocolates

Founded in 1975, also in the city of Gramado, Prawer Chocolates is the first Brazilian artisanal chocolate brand.

The brand has stores in the south of Brazil, and can also be found at Eataly São Paulo.

Site: www.prawer.com.br

14. Caracol Chocolates

For over 30 years, Caracol Chocolates has been dedicated to producing the purest and most beneficial artisanal chocolate, with the best ingredients.

The brand was also founded in the south of Brazil and has stores in Gramado, Canela, Porto Alegre, Foz do Iguaçu, São Jose dos Pinhais PR and Brasilia (Brazil´s capital).

Site: www.caracolchocolates.com.br

Featured Photo Credit: Cacau Show

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