11 Reasons to Visit Brazil

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Reasons to Visit Brazil

Brazil is a country that offers visitors various attractions and rich cuisine.

If you are planning to visit Brazil, but you are still not sure, check out some reasons why you should include this amazing country in your travel itinerary.

Reasons to Visit Brazil

1. Incredible Beaches

Reasons to Visit BrazilReasons to Visit Brazil – Photo Credit: Agustín Diaz

Brazil is known for its beaches, such as the most famous beaches located in Rio de Janeiro, Northeast, Florianopolis, and also beaches not as well known as the beautiful beaches of São Paulo state.

The Brazilian coastline is about 7,491 kilometers long.

2. Nature

In addition to the beaches, the country offers destinations with incredible natureReasons to Visit Brazil – Photo Credit: Alan Nene

In addition to the beaches, the country offers destinations with incredible nature with waterfalls, rivers, mountains, and forests.

Some of the top nature destinations include Bonito, Chapada Diamantina, Chapada dos Veadeiros, Iguazu Falls, and Manaus among others.

3. Diversity

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park – Maranhão, BrazilLençóis Maranhenses National Park – Maranhão, Brazil – Photo Credit: Baptiste Azais

Brazil is a country with great diversity, whether in landscapes or people, which can be observed in each of its regions.

4. Friendly People

Reasons to Visit BrazilReasons to Visit Brazil – Photo Credit: João Pedro Vergara

Brazil is known for its friendly people. Even though many cannot speak English, you will certainly feel welcome.

5. Climate

Reasons to Visit BrazilArraial d’Ajuda, Porto Seguro – BA, Brazil – Photo Credit: Juliana Castro

Brazil is a country that is worth visiting at any time of the year, especially the destinations in the Northeast, which offer sun and heat throughout the year.

6. Hotels & Resorts

Brazil offers excellent hotel options, from 5-star luxury hotels, resorts, and also good 3-star hotel options.

7. Shopping

In Brazil, there are excellent places for shopping, from luxury malls with several shops of international brands to small boutiques and souvenir shops.

8. Architecture

Reasons to Visit BrazilReasons to Visit Brazil – Photo Credit: Raphael Fernandes

The architecture in Brazil is also very diverse, in São Paulo, Balneário Camboriú there are many modern buildings, and in cities like Paraty, and Ouro Preto, the colonial architecture is beautiful.

9. Gastronomy

Brazilian food is very diversified and offers delicious options for all tastes.

Those who visit the country cannot miss going to one of the churrascarias, and also try the famous coxinha, cheese bread, delicious cakes, and its rich dessert options, such as brigadeiro and pudim.

10. Churrascarias (Brazilian steakhouses)

The meat in Brazil is also very famous, and in the churrascarias, it is possible to offer several meat options in a rodizio style, and the salad buffet is also divine.

11. Prices

Reasons to Visit BrazilReasons to Visit Brazil – Photo Credit: Bruno Thethe

With the devaluation of the Brazilian currency (Reais), traveling to Brazil is cheaper for those who receive a salary in dollars or euros. It is possible to find offers on flights, accommodation in 4 or 5-star hotels, and excellent restaurants at great prices.

Featured Photo Credit: Vinicius Cainelli

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