11 Popular & Gourmet Brazilian Coffee Brands

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Brazilian Coffee Brands

Brazil is the main producer of coffee in the world, with the states of Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, and Paraná being the main producers. It is one of the countries with the largest variety of coffee brands.

If you are a coffee lover, check out our list of 11 Brazilian coffee brands for you to try.

At the end of the article, you will also find information about coffee attractions in Brazil and historic farms.

Brazilian Coffee Brands

1. Café 3 Corações

In 1959, Grupo 3 Corações began its activities in the Rio Grande do Norte state. And in 2006, the company began to expand throughout Brazil.

The company has several well-known coffee brands, including Santa Clara, Café 3 Corações, and Café Premiado.

Site: www.3coracoes.com.br

2. Café Pilão

Café Pilão is one of the best-known coffee brands in Brazil and can be easily found in supermarkets.

There are options for Coffee Pilão in powder, soluble, and capsules.

Site: www.pilao.com.br

3. Café do Ponto

Café do Ponto has more than 60 years of history, being the first to produce flavored and decaffeinated coffees.

The brand has several coffee shops in the state of São Paulo, as well as in Rio de Janeiro, Federal District, Santa Catarina, Amazonas, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso do Sul, and Maranhão.

Site: www.cafedoponto.com.br

4. Café do Centro

From the first espresso in Brazil to the first coffees of origin, Café do Centro has been synonymous with quality for 100 years.

The brand offers gourmet coffee beans and soluble options.

Site: grancoffee.com.br

5. Café Santa Mônica

Café Santa Monica is a gourmet coffee brand that values excellence, and all their coffee is grown on their own farm in the south of Minas Gerais.

Site: cafesantamonica.com.br

6. Octavio Café

Octavio Café is a Brazilian coffee company with internationally renowned farms and today exports to more than 20 countries. Their coffee can be found in supermarkets.

Site: octaviocafe.com.br

7. Café Jandaia

Café Jandaia is a family business with more than 60 years in the north of Paraná.

The company has a tradition in the cultivation of coffee and modernity in its equipment.

Site: www.cafejandaia.com.br

8. Café Damasco

Café Damasco was founded in 1960 in the south of Brazil.

The brand has options of roasted and ground coffee, in beans or soluble.

Site: www.cafedamasco.com.br

9. Café Bom Jesus

Café Bom Jesus is another coffee brand founded in the south region of Brazil.

The brand is a leader in the Caxias do Sul region, being one of the most recognized in the entire state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Site: www.cafebomjesus.com.br

10. Café Santa Lúcia

Café Santa Lúcia has more than a century of tradition in the art of growing high-quality coffee in the state of Minas Gerais.

The brand is specialized in the production of beans for the preparation of gourmet espresso coffee.

Site: www.fazendasantalucia.com.br

11. Unique Cafés

Unique Cafés has been growing coffee in the mountains of the small town of Carmo de Minas for over a century.

The brand owns one of the most complex and best coffees in the world.

Site: uniquecafes.com.br

Top Coffee Attractions in Brazil

1. Museu do Café (Coffee Museum)

Located in a beautiful building in the historic center of the city of Santos, the Coffee Museum tells the history of coffee in Brazil and the world to the present day.

The museum also has a coffee shop where you can try a selection of the best coffees in Brazil.

Quinze de Novembro, 95 – Centro, Santos – SP, 11010-150

Site: www.museudocafe.org.br

2. Coffee Route in Minas Gerais

Sponsored by Unique Cafés, the coffee route allows for a tour of the plantations and coffee tasting with delicious snacks from Minas Gerais.

The south of Minas Gerais has a variety of coffee plantations and is perfect for planting a good quality bean.

Site: uniquecafes.com.br

3. Historic Farms in the Vale do Café (Coffee Valley)

The historic farms of Vale do Café, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, hold an architectural treasure that tells the story of Brazil during the coffee economic cycle.

And, some of these rural mansions, are still standing and receiving visitors. Some have become hotels.

Fazenda Alliança: Located in Barra do Piraí, Fazenda Aliança offers accommodation and visitation options to accompany the coffee process. It is without a doubt an incredible experience for anyone who wants to experience the fieldwork of an organic farm.

RJ-145, 10 – Centro, Barra do Piraí – RJ

Site: fazendaallianca.com.br

Fazenda S. Luiz da Boa Sorte: Fazenda S. Luiz da Boa Sorte is another accommodation option on a farm in Vale do Café.

The farm also houses the first Coffee Museum in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Rod. Lúcio Meira, 18680 – Andrade Pinto, Vassouras – RJ, 27700-000

Site: fazendasaoluizdaboasorte.com.br

It is also worth checking the official website of Vale do Café for cities map.

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