Minas Gerais Brazil: Top Destinations, Best Hotels & Map

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Minas Gerais Brazil: Top Destinations, Best Hotels & Map

Minas Gerais is the main coffee-producer state in Brazil, offering interesting attractions, exuberant natural beauty, historic cities, and delicious cuisine.

The state is located in the country’s southeast region and is the second-most populous state in Brazil with an estimated population of 21 million.

Top Destinations & Hotels in Minas Gerais

1. Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais StatePhoto Credit: Luiz Felipe S. C.

Belo Horizonte is the capital and largest city in Minas Gerais state.

The city is home to museums such as the Pampulha Art Museum, the House Kubitschek – JK Museum, green areas such as the Pampulha Ecological Park, and the beautiful Praça da Liberdade square and also offers delicious gastronomy with excellent restaurants, cafés, and bars options.

The Lake Pampulha area is popular to visit and the Mangabeiras Viewpoint is a must for panoramic views.

The city has hotel options for all budgets, the Hotel Fasano Belo Horizonte is the most elegant hotel in Belo Horizonte, and the Royal Boutique Savassi Hotel and Radisson Blu Belo Horizonte offer excellent value for money.

And for cheaper options, ibis Belo Horizonte Savassi and Normandy Hotel are good options.

2. Capitólio

Minas Gerais Brazil: Top DestinationsMinas Gerais Brazil: Top Destinations – Photo Credit:  Jaime Dantas

Capitólio is one of the most coveted destinations in Brazil, known for its nature with waterfalls, lookouts, and trails.

Among the attractions and must-do things in the region include a speedboat ride on Lake Furnas (Lago de Furnas), the Canyons do Lago de Furnas, the Capitolio Canyons Lookout, the Cascade Eco Park, and the Trilha do Sol and Retiro Viking trails.

The region offers good accommodation options for all types of budget.

Pousada Buena Vista and Pousada Lagoa Azul Marina are two great inns options.

3. Ouro Preto

Ouro Preto Minas GeraisMinas Gerais Brazil: Top Destinations – Photo Credit: Nathalia Segato

Ouro Preto is a charming city in Minas Gerais known for its numerous churches, beautiful architecture, and stunning landscape. The city is home to attractions dedicated to the art and history of the region.

In the surrounding area of Ouro Preto, the natural beauty is exuberant, especially the Itacolomi State Park.

The Hotel Solar do Rosário and the Hotel Recanto da Serra are great hotel options in Ouro Preto.

4. Diamantina

Surrounded by natural landscapes, Diamantina is a city with a charming historical center with colonial mansions and churches.

The city is also home to museums that show the history of Brazil and the region.

5. Inhotim – Brumadinho

Inhotim – BrumadinhoMinas Gerais Brazil: Top Destinations – Photo Credit: Carolina Munemasa

Inhotim is one of the must-see attractions in Minas Gerais state.

It is an outdoor contemporary art museum located in Brumadinho, 54.7 km (34 miles) from Belo Horizonte.

Located in a privileged location, amid the rich biomes of the Atlantic Forest and the tropical savanna of cerrado, the museum is home to around 700 works by more than 60 artists coming from different countries.

6. Serra da Canastra – São Roque de Minas

São Roque de Minas is part of the Canastra tourist circuit, known for its famous cheese and Serra da Canastra National Park.

The landscape of the region has rocky fields, typical cerrado, and Atlantic forest vegetation.

7. Tiradentes

Tiradentes Minas Gerais StateMinas Gerais Brazil: Top Destinations – Photo Credit: Izabelly Marques

Tiradentes is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and is one of the best-preserved historic cities in Brazil.

The city has charming narrow stone streets, baroque churches, and colonial mansions.

8. Conceição do Ibitipoca

Conceição do Ibitipoca is a district of Lima Duarte with a mountainous charm, and the Ibitipoca State Park is the main attraction in the region.

The park is a paradise full of waterfalls, natural pools, caves, and walls, surrounded by hills.

The district has several options for chalets to stay like the Pousada Janela do Céu and the Pousada Meu Recanto.

9. Monte Verde

Monte Verde is a romantic and welcoming destination in Minas Gerais located close to the São Paulo state border, making it a popular weekend getaway destination from São Paulo city.

The city offers trails, viewpoints, and numerous options for small shops, restaurants, chocolate boutiques, hotels, and guesthouses.

The Kuriuwa Hotel, the Pousada Spa Mirante da Colyna, and the Hotel Saint Michel are just some of the excellent hotel options in the city.

10. São Lourenço | Carmo de Minas

São Lourenço is a city known for its mineral waters with therapeutic and medicinal properties.

The Parque das Águas, with fountains, showers, baths, and the Coffee Route in neighboring Carmo de Minas, are among the top attractions and highlights.

The Coffee Route consists of getting to know the coffee production process, from the harvest in the foot to the cup. The tour offers coffee tasting with snacks from Minas Gerais recipes, including the delicious Brazilian cheese bread.

Featured Photo Credit: Jeff

Minas Gerais Brazil Map

Largest Cities in Minas Gerais Brazil

Largest Cities in Minas Gerais BrazilBelo Horizonte – Photo Credit: fpcamp

  1. Belo Horizonte – 2.521.564
  2. Uberlândia – 699.097
  3. Contagem – 668.949
  4. Juiz de Fora – 573.285
  5. Betim – 444.784
  6. Montes Claros – 413.487
  7. Ribeirão das Neves – 338.197
  8. Uberaba – 337.092
  9. Governador Valadares – 281.046
  10. Ipatinga – 265.409
  11. Sete Lagoas – 241.835
  12. Divinópolis – 240.408
  13. Santa Luzia – 220.444
  14. Ibirité – 182.153
  15. Poços de Caldas – 168.641
  16. Patos de Minas – 153.585
  17. Pouso Alegre – 152.549
  18. Teófilo Otoni – 140.937
  19. Barbacena – 138.204
  20. Sabará – 137.125
  21. Varginha – 136.602
  22. Vespasiano – 129.765
  23. Conselheiro Lafaiete – 129.606
  24. Itabira – 120.904
  25. Araguari – 117.825

Source: Wikipedia – Largest Cities in Minas Gerais

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